Enrolment Procedure For Paid Courses

Graded Course Enrolment

Full details on courses can be found here.

If you wish to purchase a graded course (Kindergarten to Year Nine) these are the steps:

Step 2: Find the graded/year curriculum course you wish to purchase.

Step 3: Scroll to the course you wish to purchase. Click the 'CLICK TO ENROL' link. This will take you to the payment page. 

Step 4: You will be asked to pay via credit card. All payments are in Australian dollars.

Step 5: After you pay you will receive instant access to the course. 

Enrichment Courses 

Our Enrichment Courses come with all graded courses from Kindergarten to Year 9.  Find the course and click to enter.

Guest Access Enrolment

We provide limited guest access to:

These courses need a password to access that you will be given after a quick sign-up procedure.